Secretary of the Wuhu Municipal Party Committee and his delegation from Ningbo visited AsiaInfo Data for investigation

On December 15, Ningbo Municipal Party Secretary of Wuhu Municipal Party Committee and his delegation visited AsiaInfo Data for investigation, accompanied by Zhang Hao, President of AsiaInfo Data, to discuss the innovation of Wuhu's intelligent computing industry and the integrated development of computing power ecology.



Wuhu has comprehensive advantages such as geographical location, industrial support, business environment, and application scenarios, providing inexhaustible impetus for the innovation and development of the AI computing industry. At the meeting, the two sides had an in-depth discussion on how to deepen the application of artificial intelligence, promote digital industrialization and industrial digitization, let high-quality intelligent computing innovation resources land in Wuhu, and promote the integrated development of intelligent computing industry innovation and computing power ecology in Wuhu. The two sides agreed that a normalized communication mechanism should be established to build Wuhu into an innovative city for the intelligent computing industry with industrial ecological competitiveness in accordance with the requirements of green security, leading platform and sound ecology, provide strong computing resources and new computing services for the development of the digital economy, promote the integration of regional data resources, accelerate the incubation of scientific and technological innovation achievements and the upgrading of emerging industries, and open up a new situation of "double recruitment and double introduction".



AsiaInfo Data looks forward to working closely with Wuhu in key industries such as intelligent computing, consolidating the construction of new AI infrastructure, building a new computing network system, expanding the application of industry scenarios, stimulating the innovation vitality of data elements, and jointly building a new pattern of computing resource development based on Wuhu and radiating to the whole region.